Adyapanadara #SLFloods #අධ්‍යාපනාධාර

Sri Lanka faced massive natural disaster, one in a twenty five flood. Many cities are flooded, hundreds of people left us, many hundreds are missing and thousand of fellow Sri Lankans lost everything they had. Sri Lankan community is very special and unique. We always unite and step up to help people, even before official government organizations to help each other. By now all the Sri Lankans are working so hard to feed them and keep them warm. hats off to all Sri Lankans working out there without asking any questions and expecting nothing in return.

In the mean time we step up to plan something long term. A/L is two months away and O/L is few more months away. Our mission, Adyapanadara is to get them back on track as soon as possible. If you like to join us fill the form below. If you know some one in need, fill the other form.

උදව්වක් ඕනේ නම් (If you need help) :
උදව්වක් දෙන්න නම් (If you like to help us):
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